Speaking Engagements

Worry-Free and Extra Engaging

For most groups I present to, there is always a bit of nervousness on the part of the person responsible for the audiovisual about things like file incompatibility or technological failure. In addition to my photographs and a decade's worth of experience in public speaking, I provide a worry-free service for groups and clubs who book me for a presentation.

I give my presentations with my own equipment, including a professional-grade photography projector. You just have to provide the venue, an audience, electricity, and a screen (though it is wise to always have a back-up projector, laptop and extension cord on-hand!).

My plant- and nature-related presentations include accurate identifications of plants and other biodiversity. I often also include some additional niceties to engage the audience. For example, plant names are revealed on-screen after a few seconds of an image being displayed, so those audience members who want to challenge themselves with identification can do so.


For 2019, the standard rate for a 45 to 60 minute presentation is $200 CAD, while 75 to 90 minute presentations are $250 CAD. Expenses are extra.

For expenses, I work with you to lower travel costs if the presentation can be timed such that there are desirable local photographic opportunities I can take advantage of (e.g., autumn foliage colours). I am also willing to work with you to see if other presentations can be booked locally / regionally at the same time to split expenses across several organizations.

I am willing (with sufficient advance notice) to travel anywhere in Canada / USA to present. Do note that in order for me to comply with USA requirements, I need to procure a business visitor visa, so several months of advance notice is required.